House Lockout Fort Worth TXThe home security systems of today are far more sophisticated than they used to be as recently as in the early 2000s. They are certainly far more advanced than the simple control panels that were used back then.

Today, home security systems have incorporated the concept of the Internet of Things. Interconnected devices such as smart locks and smart cameras are used in many modern homes.
The security systems of today did not just come up in isolation – they are products of a number of technological developments over the past century. If you really want to understand the modern-day home security system, you have to go back in history, and understand how home security systems have evolved through the decades.

Home security systems were first developed in the United States following the end of World War I in response to the massive increase in crime rate, because of newly returned soldiers, many of whom were unable to find good jobs and found it hard to readjust to civilian life.

So Americans were suddenly concerned about the security of their property, which led to a huge demand for alarm systems. The alarm systems of those days were quite primitive and bear no relation to the sophisticated alarms of today. Insurance providers fueled the demand for alarm systems by offering lower premiums to homeowners who subscribed to them.
Home security services such as door shakers also became widely used during those times. Door shakers referred to groups of night watchmen who would visit the homes of those who subscribed to their service, and check the doors to see that everything was in order and that there was nothing suspicious. Even today, this system is active in emerging nations such as India and Malaysia.

Later, new alarm systems that made use of electromagnetic contacts fastened to windows and doors and windows were used. These mechanisms were connected to a battery and bell, and were monitored by a private security agency that had its guards within hearing distance. So when the alarms were triggered, a guard was sent to the residence.

Alarm systems that made use of video surveillance were introduced in the 1970s. Those were the early models of CCTVs or security cameras that are used today, and consisted of a large motorized camera that moved up and down a track to monitor whoever approached the front door.

The video camera sent through grainy images of the visitors to a TV monitor placed in a small room that served as a control panel and allowed the homeowner to check who was coming in and also to control the camera’s movements remotely.

The control panel was fitted with advanced security features such as an intercom which allowed the homeowner to communicate with their visitors before letting them in.
The surveillance cameras of today are far more sophisticated and very small, not more than one square inch in size. They are connected to the Internet and come with extremely powerful lenses capable of shooting HD quality videos and streaming them online to your smartphone.

Many locksmiths, but not all, will offer some sort of mobile locksmith service that offers some level of service for the installation of home security systems. At great option to get a professional service and to feel more secure!

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