Man holding car keysThere are so many different scenarios where you will need an automotive locksmith. Whether it is a snapped key in your car door, lost keys or when you need your transponder keys programmed. The benefits of knowing a qualified automotive locksmith are endless.

Snapped or damaged your car keys?

If you have a broken key or have damaged your vehicle key then you will need the parts of the key in order to repair it.   The chip will be removed from the key and then reinserted into a newly cut key. For easy car key replacement you can count on an automotive locksmith.

I have a worn out key:

An auto locksmith will be able to re-cut the key back to original specification and the immobilizer chip (fond in transponder keys) can be re used in a new key.
Is your vehicle key stuck / won’t turn in the ignition?

If your car key is stuck or not turning in the ignition barrel an auto locksmith will be able to help.   They will be able to diagnose whether the problem is key related or ignition system related.

If key related then will be able to cut a new key and reprogram the car key or if ignition related they may try to repair the ignition, or failing that replace the ignition if there is nothing that can be done.

Can I program a new keyless entry remote myself?

More than likely no. Each vehicle has a different procedure for how to program a new remote. Some remotes you can program yourself fairly quickly, while others need to be programmed by a professional.

Where do I have my key or remote cut and programmed?

A local car dealership or automotive locksmith can program keys and remotes for you. Certain auto shops can also program your fobs (depending on the make and model), as not every process is that tricky. Depending on the cut of the car key, and the nature of the replacement it might also be necessary to go to a locksmith that can cut the key by code.

How do I know if my car has a transponder chip inside?

You can take your key to most hardware stores, a car dealership or an automotive locksmith to find out if your key has a transponder chip. If you have a spare key that you have had made from a blank, you can also try this simply metal key in your car’s ignition. The key should open the doors and the trunk, but if your vehicle needs a chip it will not start the car.

Make sure that if you are checking the ignition settings like this that you do not have the key you know works inside the car. The transponder chip from the working car may be giving the necessary signal. A good indication that your car does have a chip is by examining it. If the key has a plastic casing around the bow (large part of the key that is usually round or square, and rests outside the keyhole when the key is fully inserted), this is a good indication that it may have a chip.

Door locks:

Lock Snapping is a growing security concern, as experts in door and lock security the Master Locksmiths Association recommend 3 different ways to prevent lock snapping. There are many different types of lock cylinder on the market, most people are now asking which cylinder for their front or back door is the most secure and ultimately will help protect them against lock snapping.

If you are looking to replace your door lock and protect against lock snapping then using one of the below three methods will help protect against this method of attack.

All about transponder keys:

Car Key Replacement Fort Worth TXTransponder keys, also known as chip keys, are produced for starting the ignition of newer models of automobiles. They are made by the car manufacturer and function by emitting a radio transmission between the key and the vehicle. This is an important security issue for your car because each transponder key is programmed specifically to start a particular car so the only person who can start and drive your vehicle is the one who is in possession of the key. This significantly reduces the chances of someone being able to steal your car.

If you are purchasing a vehicle that uses a transponder key, you should have at least one spare copy in case you lose the original. If you lose your transponder key and do not have a spare copy you can usually obtain a replacement from your vehicle dealer or a qualified master locksmith. The locksmith that you choose to hire will need to perform transponder key programming to get your new set of keys made for you. Price varies depending on the vehicle.

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