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Thinking About Installing Mortise Locks for Your Home or Office?

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Mortise Locks Serviced in Fort Worth TXFort Worth Locksmith Pros offers a complete locksmith service in Fort Worth, and we install and repair mortise locks for many customers in Fort Worth, TX and surrounding communities. Our 24/7 locksmith service can assist you in resolving a lockout or lock-related problem quickly and professionally. With 5+ years’ experience, a strong work ethic, up front pricing, and fast and friendly service, we know the issues involved in making sure that a mortise lock functions correctly to safeguard your residential or commercial property.

Mortise Locks For Homes

Why do many people request the installation of a mortise lock to protect their residence? Burglars sometimes pry locks open, but they encounter a far more difficult time picking a correctly installed mortise lock! This type of sophisticated lock utilizes several important features to deter unauthorized entry:

  • The lock body remains protected from prying tools because it remains completely embedded within a door or piece of furniture, protected behind a covering lock trim faceplate;
  • Additionally, the keyed cylinder on this type of lock contains tough metallic shielding, making it difficult to modify without the proper tools and equipment;
  • Only professional locksmiths typically work on this type of complex, very secure, metal lock;
  • A mortise lock offers an extra level of protection for exterior doors, garage doors, or any internal door in a residence;
  • It can also secure locking furniture drawers or cabinets.

Our expert residential locksmiths function as full service mobile locksmiths. We possess the experience, training, and tools to complete an installation or repair of a mortise lock correctly. We perform this work as quickly as possible for our clients. Today, because of their attractive security features, mortise locks enjoy considerable popularity. We offer a variety of sizes, models, and brands in order to provide our customers with the widest possible selections. You can obtain this lock in a color and style that suits your existing home decor.

For example, we install mortise lock trim face plates with these finishes:

  • Brass;
  • Chrome;
  • Nickel;
  • Pewter;
  • And more!

These products appear in a wide variety of styles, too: rustic, modern, traditional or contemporary! With so many choices, you will be able to find a mortise lock to fit your home’s decor.

A Commercial Mortise Lock

Our licensed, bonded, and insured complete locksmith service also offers mortise locks to businesses and institutions in the Fort Worth area. If your company wants to add extra protection to locked external doors or buildings, or to internal areas which must remain secure, then a mortise lock might be the perfect solution. With a rapid 30 min response to customer calls, our technicians can quickly and efficiently install and repair complex mortise locks. We possess the skills, tools, and experience required to complete this work as rapidly as possible, helping secure your premises against unauthorized access.

Today, many commercial clients and government clients seek the application of these types of locks to help better secure:

  • Cabinets;
  • Inventory areas;
  • Restricted work rooms;
  • Office desks;
  • Many types of built-in storage compartments.

Mortise Locks Installed Ft Worth TXWe offer a wide selection of chrome, nickel, or brass finishes on the mortise lock trim face, so the lock will blend into your company’s existing decor attractively. Like homeowners, business owners can select from a great selection of styles, including:

  • Traditional;
  • Contemporary;
  • Modern;
  • Rustic.

Why We Can Meet Your Lock-Related Needs!

Fort Worth Locksmith Pros provides fully licensed, bonded, and insured mobile locksmiths. We can meet all of your lock-related needs in Fort Worth, TX and surrounding areas. People appreciate our rapid 30 min response to calls and our fast and friendly, 24×7 locksmith service. With 5+ years of experience in this location, we know our way around the greater Fort Worth metropolitan area. Our expert technicians will not keep you waiting. Plus, we offer upfront pricing. Call us when you require a mortise lock installed, or for any other lock-related issue. We consider meeting your locksmithing needs our primary business!


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