Almost every new car today, whether made by Ford, GM, Toyota, Hyundai or Volkswagen, comes with transponder keys. Transponder keys are special keys that come with an embedded chip and are programmed to send signals to a device in the vehicle. The vehicle starts only if it detects the right signal from the transponder key placed in the ignition. Transponder keys cannot be duplicated and offer excellent protection against car theft.

While most car owners in Fort Worth have taken to transponder keys with great enthusiasm, many have realized that it can be very easy for a transponder key to get damaged, in which case, it has to be reprogrammed and replaced. That’s why there is a huge demand for locksmiths who are qualified to work with complex technologies such as transponder keys.

Keeping this in mind, Fort Worth based locksmith company, Fort Worth Locksmith Pro’s has announced a new transponder key programming service. Car owners in Fort Worth have generally welcomed the initiative, with many saying that it was an answer to their prayers. Fort Worth Locksmith Pro’s hires qualified technicians capable of reprogramming transponder keys and has the required certifications to offer this service in Fort Worth Texas.

Zach Adams, manager of Fort Worth Locksmith Pro’s said, “Our new transponder key programming services arrive at the clients location and reprograms the transponder key on the spot. This eliminates the need for those with broken or damaged transponder keys to have their vehicles towed to a dealership to get the keys replaced. Our services are more affordable too.”

Zach Adams claims that unlike other locksmith services that offer transponder key programming, his company only hires certified technicians and emphasizes the importance of hiring the right people for the task. “If you hire just about anybody to reprogram the transponder key, that actually does more damage and makes the problem worse than before.”

About Fort Worth Locksmith Pro’s

Fort Worth Locksmith Pro’s is a family owned and operated locksmith company based in Fort Worth Texas. The company has been in the business for over 5 years. Fort Worth Locksmith Pro’s provides a range of locksmith services including residential, commercial, automotive and emergency lockout assistance, key cutting services and offers consultations on home security. Visit their official website to learn more about the company.

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