commercial locksmith fort worthBurglars are opportunists. They either seize opportunities left by victims or create the opportunities. For instance a set of criminals can raise a false alarm and the victim will run out of his shop with the door left open. This gives burglars opportunity to steal from the victim.

While there are several ways to prevent a commercial burglary, the most effective one is having a suspicious mind. Given, not everybody is a thief but a lot of people are not stealing because of lack of opportunities. The instinct lies dormant in most people and it is triggered out of dormancy by a good opportunity to steal.

Imagine this scenario, you have been sitting beside a young man in the bus. He had seen your wallet all along but did not make any attempt to pick it from your pocket and did not even intend to pick it. Unfortunately for you and fortunately for him the wallet dropped as you stood up to alight from the bus. He immediately took the wallet and kept it before anyone saw it.

Would you say he is not a thief because he didn’t make attempt to pick your pocket? Of course he is a big thief. That is the category most people belong. They won’t make frantic effort to steal but will pilfer if the opportunity presents itself. It will keep you on guard all the time when you have it in mind that most people will steal when the opportunity arises.

Proper lighting

You should spare no expense in illuminating your store and all its surroundings. Burglars take advantage of shadows to perpetrate their evil intention. They hide around for some time, waiting for an opportunity to strike. So, the brighter your surrounding is the more it will discourage burglars.

Install drill resistant doors

Make sure you install doors that are virtually unbreakable and also drill resistant. This will ward off burglars. They prefer to operate within a very short period. So, they do not like doors that are difficult to break. It will waste their time

Install secure locks

Although there is no lock that cannot be broken, the harder it is to break your lock the safer it is for you. This is because the longer a burglar spends in a burglary operation the higher his chances of being caught.

Make use of safes

You should make use of very secure safes but at the same time try as much as possible to reduce the amount of money you keep in the safe. It is a very good idea to encourage your customers to use their credit cards more.

Install an alarm system

The most effective security measure is to install a very effective alarm system that sounds an alarm in case of any intrusion. In fact, some alarms usually go off even before the burglar gains entry into your property.

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