padlockAnytime that you are considering a lock change you will want to do some research on the type of padlock that will work best for your application. We did the research for you. Read more….

Padlocks come in various shapes and sizes, each with its own characteristics to enhance safety, make them more convenient to use and protect them from the weather. Whether a simple or complex high-security locking device, all locks have three main components: the shackle, the body and the locking mechanism.

Here are the top 5 different kind of padlocks.

1. Sargent & Greenleaf 951C

It is very safe and comes with a replaceable core. This is done so that it can be easily maintained, dismantled, and service because of its military use. This is a large heavy lock, consisting of special alloys in the lock case and an arch to give extreme resistance to physical attacks.

2. Ingersoll CS700

The 700 Series of Ingersoll uses its own brand lock core. The core uses a lever locking system with ten levers. However, this unit does not use the mill’s travel lever and fence structure. In fact, the key looks like a car key (two-way plate, not a scroll key) than the key to the padlock does. This design is an improvement over the similar model OS600, which uses only six levers. These locks are wrapped in almost a full circle, to the point where the shackle is almost impossible to see.

3. Hi-Shear Padlock

High shear It comes with a standard Medeco core. This is another example of a lock that can be picked much easier with a cylinder removed from the lock of the body. It can be withdrawn, and such a thing has been documented. However, this cylinder can be replaced or pins be replaced. Thus, the real focus falls on the protection of the lock body.

4. Evva MCS Shrouded Padlock

EVVA is a company really spectacular and there the MCS cylinder is still not yet selected. MCS uses a magnetic key system to move the magnetic pins in the lock. It also has a caustic-to-key moving standard pins. Decoding efforts were successful only with a working key. And now all that protection is available even if you secure your bags on a trip. The lock case is made of a composite alloy. The bow is made of hardened alloy steel and is additionally protected by a shroud.

5. Abloy PL362

This is an extremely impressive lock. It has a disk detainer system with more than two billion possible key combinations. The lock was not taken or overcome while inside the padlock. The groove is recessed into the lock case, which adds further complications to the picking. The body is harder than most of the tips that provide protection against drilling and protection against attacks on the lock’s body. The shackle is even safer than the body, and is additionally protected by a hardened steel bandage.

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