FORT WORTH, Texas March 15th, 2016 – This week Fort Worth Locksmith Pro’s started providing emergency locksmith services for pets locked inside of vehicles. So far one pet has been rescued from a car parked at Ridgemar Mall.

Dog hot in car.In this particular instance an elderly woman had driven her 2001 Buick to go shopping with a friend of hers. The woman stated that since she parked in the shade and it was not very hot out that she thought her little Jack Russell Terrier would be fine for an hour waiting in the vehicle.

“It seems to be happening more and more every year. It is usually the same story where the pet owner says that they would only be in the store for 15 minutes, when an hour later they come out to their vehicle with a door close to death or worse”. Zach Adams said. “We are here to make a difference. Helping people and pets is what we do!”

After an hour and a half shopping the woman came out to her car only to realize that she had lost her keys somewhere in the mall. Luckily for the woman her friend had used Fort Worth Locksmith Pro’s to install new locks on her estate home the week earlier. She promptly called Fort Worth Locksmith Pro’s and in 10 minutes one of the 5 locksmith vans that Fort Worth Locksmith Pro’s has running around Fort Worth Texas arrived at the mall and opened her car door to free the dog. And just in the nick of time because the Sun was almost all the way in the sky and the temperature was approaching 87 degrees.

The Jack Russell Terrier was showing some signs of heat exhaustion. The locksmith technician even gave the dog a few handfuls of water which the dog happily slurped up in just a matter of minutes.

“This is how we contribute to society and make a difference.” Zach Adams, the owner of Fort Worth Locksmith Pro’s said. “The most important thing in these kinds of situations is getting the pet out fast, alive and well, and keeping the condition of the vehicle as it was before”.

Fort Worth Locksmith Pro’s is open 24 hours per day, 7 days a week to assist with all emergency pet rescue situations. Their technicians are ready for just about anything that you can imagine. The locksmith vans that they have come loaded with state of the art automotive locksmith tools for any year and make vehicle. If you would like to know more about their emergency locksmith services you can visit their website.

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