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Many of us are familiar only with the traditional lock which is used to secure our automotive vehicles, there is a wide range of locks which operate in different ways that have been developed over the years by the locksmith industries, and the newly and highly computerized keys that are highly secure are transponder keys. Car theft is one of the most prevalent crimes today, but thanks to transponder keys, the incidence of car theft has dramatically reduced. Transponder car keys can help prevent your car from being stolen.

Transponder keys are the new innovation of technology for automotive car keys. They are specialized made keys that come with new cars which provide a radio transmission between the car and the key with high specificity. The system allows the radio transmission to be programmed to a specific car, therefore making the key a higher security type of key, reducing the chance for car thieves to steal a car.

How it works

The actual key has a microchip inside the black plastic part of the key which is the reason it looks different from the regular household key or any other key, the microchip will now transmit the correct serial number to the vehicle’s the electronic engine control unit (ECU). The electronic engine control unit (ECU) will send a request to the vehicle for it to validate the serial number, thus allow a person the ability to turn on the car, if the code is correct, the car will start and disarm the car’s immobilizer. If the car doesn’t register the serial number to match with the key, then it will not start. (These transponders are generally made of magnetic materials that use electromagnetic fields to send the code.)

Losing your car keys

Unfortunately how good this system sounds, and makes you feel more secure, it is also more expensive to replace if lost or broken as the replacement not only involves precision cutting of the key but also having the someone program it for you, which is not an uncommon occurrence. Thankfully, several locksmith services have technicians who can easily replace the transponder key, at a much cheaper price than the dealer, and also have the ability to program it to the vehicle.

When looking for a locksmith to replace your transponder key, it is important to make sure you call highly qualified locksmith technicians to come out to you. Some car manufacturers have been resistant to releasing their programming codes to locksmiths, possibly for fear of theft, but most of the information is available to authorized users, and locksmiths, this would include professional locksmiths which provide all of those services. When it comes to a locksmith, our job is to save your time and money if you are in need of the service.

Get rescued next time!

Whenever you find yourself in a situation where your transponder key is misplaced, or broken, it is highly recommended that you call a mobile locksmith (like us) experienced on transponder keys as it will save your time and money. tel:+16829909333

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